How to buy GeneratePress Premium WordPress Theme at Cheap Price

Buying the GeneratePress Premium theme for WordPress can be a tough task. Thoughts about originality, safety may make you think twice and more about this.

GeneratePress is a great theme for WordPress, but its pricing may not suit everyone.

If you also want to use the GeneratePress premium theme, then I can help you in buying this theme at a very cheap price.

Let’s first see a small overview of the GeneratePress theme and GP Premium plugin. If you’ve done your homework by researching this theme, you can simply scroll down to the pricing section.

GeneratePress Premium Theme Overview

GeneratePress website screenshot
GeneratePress website screenshot

GeneratePress is a theme that can be used on WordPress sites. As per several online reviews and my personal experience, I can say it is one of the best WordPress themes to keep your site speed, stability, and accessibility on the mark.

This theme is available for free and anyone can install and use this theme on their WordPress website or blog. The free theme is not much different from other themes.

If you want premium GeneratePress features, then you need to download the GP Premium plugin.

GeneratePress Premium Features – GP Premium

GeneratePress premium features can be accessed with its premium plugin. This plugin is named GP Premium. Installing the GP Premium plugin will let you customize everything in your WordPress website, you can use pre-built website templates to start with, you can create re-usable elements. As the GeneratePress team says, GP Premium will take your GeneratePress theme to the next level.

Here are some of the features that you’ll get with the GeneratePress Premium theme

  • More Styling Controls: You can adjust typography, colours, spacing, and background the way you want.
  • Advanced Hook System: You can add any element that you want anywhere on your site with the hook system.
  • Mobile Header: You can use a mobile header for the mobile responsive site to make it light and simple on mobile devices.
  • Advanced Layout System: You can adjust the theme layout based on all the advanced display rules.
  • Sticky Navigation: You can make your navigation or header sticky to the top of your website.
  • Infinite Scroll: You can use this feature to load more posts automatically when the reader goes down to the feed.
  • & all the premium features.

GeneratePress Premium Pricing

GeneratePress premium pricing
GeneratePress Premium theme pricing

There are 2 pricing options to buy GeneratePress Premium theme and plugin from the official website.

The price there is $59 per year and if you want to buy this theme with a one-time payment, then you can buy it at $249 for a lifetime.

If you buy this theme from there, you’ll get a license that you can use with up to 500 websites. The license helps you to get updates and support from GeneratePress.

Buy GeneratePress Premium at just Rs. 100/-

Not everyone can afford this theme at the price of $59. So as a part of True Web Guide’s mission, I found a way to help people, especially small bloggers to get the premium features of GeneratePress.

You can buy the GeneratePress Premium theme at Just Rs. 100/- from True Web Guide.

It will cost you just Rs. 100/- for one year for this GP Premium theme. This doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to use this theme after one year if you don’t renew. If you don’t renew the theme, you can still use the theme. The only difference is that you’ll not get theme and plugin updates in that case.

To buy this affordable GeneratePress Premium WordPress theme, call us at +91 8619123706. You can also contact us on WhatsApp.

What is included in the GeneratePress Premium theme package

In this package, you’ll get a free GeneraPress theme that you can also download from WordPress. Plus you’ll get a GP Premium plugin that will activate all the premium features of the free GeneratePress theme.

Pros and Cons of this GeneratePress Premium Affordable Theme


  • Very affordable price
  • 100% Original file, Safe, and Secure.
  • Use with Unlimited websites.
  • 20+ Sites demo
  • One-click installation


  • WooCommerce is not activated in this theme.

The only con of this GeneratePress premium plugin is this. Since this is intended for small bloggers and small businesses who want to build their online website keeping their budget handy. So all the premium features are there in the theme except WooCommerce features.

To buy this affordable GeneratePress Premium WordPress theme, call us at +91 8619123706. You can also contact us on WhatsApp.

How to Install this GeneratePress Premium theme and plugin on your WordPress site?

Once you download the zip files of the GeneratePress theme and GP Premium plugin after purchasing, you can install these very easily on your WordPress site.

Installing GeneratePress theme on WordPress

Step-1: Login to your WordPress site and head over to Appearance > Themes.

Step-2: Now click on Add New button on the top.

Step-3: Click on the Upload Theme button on the top.

Step-4: Now you’ll get an option to upload a theme in zip format. Click on Choose File, and select the GeneratePress theme file in zip format. Then click on Install Now button to install this theme.

GeneratePress WordPress theme installation
GeneratePress theme installation process

Installing GP Plugin on WordPress

The process of installing this plugin is the same as installing the theme. Just go to Plugin > Add New > Upload Plugin. Now Click on Choose File and select the GP Premium plugin file in zip format. Then click on Install Now button to install this plugin.

GP Premium plugin installation on WordPress site
GP Premium plugin installation

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you provide the original GeneratePress Premium theme and plugin?

We at True Web Guide always buy 100% genuine and original products from their company. This theme and plugin are also original, untouched, and safe.

Q. How do I activate this GeneratePress Premium plugin on my WordPress site?

There is no need to activate this plugin. This plugin is already activated with a GPL licence. You can simply use the premium feature after installing the GP Premium plugin.

Q. What is your refund policy?

We offer a 10-days 100% money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with this GeneratePress premium theme.

Q. On how many sites I can use this GP Premium Theme?

You can use this GeneratePress premium theme and plugin with unlimited websites.

Q. Should I go for GeneratePress Premium free download if available?

You may find some websites where they provide GeneratePress Premium theme for free. But we don’t recommend this, because when you’re downloading them for free, then you’ll get a high risk of security issues and other bugs in your WordPress site.


So if you’re looking for a GeneratePress premium theme and plugin at an affordable price, then you can buy this theme from us. This will help you to use all the premium features of the GeneratePress theme and make your blog or website optimized for growth.

Try this theme and share your experience in the comments. Also, share it with other people you know who can get benefited from this.

To buy this affordable GeneratePress Premium WordPress theme, call us at +91 8619123706. You can also contact us on WhatsApp.

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